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Our Vision for Youth

PHIM empowers youth to identify and develop their D.R.E.A.M.S. (Dynamic, Realizable Efforts to Attain and Maintain Success) and own their future.

As Phim we have a responsibility to support our youth. In today's world with ever increasing financial cutbacks, youth and their programs require assistance more than ever.


Our mission for the next ten years is to be both opportunistic and strategic on a national and local level in shifting the public debate and commitment from youth problems to youth development.

    Through the PHIM program, we specifically seek:
  • To reduce the high school dropout rate for Uganda. To create hope for the future, good-paying jobs, business development and educational opportunities for young people--specifically      youth between the ages of 17 and 35 who have dropped out of school. Such a mission is essential in our Community:
  • There are many young people who have dropped out of school.
  • The school dropouts rate is close to 80% at the nearby community schools.
  • 70% of the city's young people are unemployed.
  • Nearly all of the city's young people live in poverty.

Through sports

In Sports, our goal is to involve youth in long term sports programs in both the recreational and competitive levels. These programs develop children mentally (self discipline, confidence, focus perseverance, commitment, integrity) and physically (cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility)

We believe sports programs create the winning difference and is a vital link to providing children with the skills and prerequisites necessary to be successful in all areas in life. 

These games are not yet in place, but we are planning to have so that we keep youth busy to get there attention

Young people enjoy better playtime at PHIM

We will launch youth clubs  in areas that donate have as many facilities or activities for older children to enjoy. After-school sessions for older age groups have been started in the community, so that they can meet and socialise in a fun environment. During the club times, young people can enjoy everything from film nights, arts and crafts, indoor sports, trying out the Wii games console, pool, chess and other activities. In the warmer weather lots of activities will also take place outdoors. This latest initiative is part of the Council 's Play Project, which was launched last autumn to encourage new play opportunities for children who live in rural communities and those in older age groups between 11 and 17 years.


  1. To make what works available in order  for  youth  to be productive and involved citizens;
  2. Unity with all regardless of age, sex, religion, tribe, qualification and others.
  3. To increase a number of people, places, and possibilities available to young people by the year 2020
  4. To support and strengthen local systems in order to build a comprehensive youth development infrastructure;
  5.  To increase public will to support positive development for all youth. At the core of this framework are three basic tenets;


1.       Entertainment: Ds Tv, Tours, Street bash, Music etc

2.       Games: Draft, Ruddo, Biking,

3.       Health: General counselling, Premarital Couselling, HIV/Aids etc.

4.       Prosperity: Farming, raring

5.       Sports:  Football, Netball, Pooltable



While mission trips may not be available or appealing to all students, outreach events are. Outreach is a chance forPhim to reach out to their own communities to be an example of Christ. Some outreach events involve witnessing to people, while others are forms of service that have very little preaching involved. Every youth group should have some sort of regular outreach to teach teens how to give back to the world around them.

Missions Trips

Some Christians may feel a call to missions, and it is a call that leaders should want to encourage. If you do not know how to plan a mission trip, then you can go through an organization that can help you organize a trip for your students. There are plenty of trips available during School holdays. The trips go over to help to spread the gospel, build communities, provide food, and more to people who are in need. Isaiah 49:6 -"I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth." (NIV)


Name one Christian teen that doesn't like to blow off a little steam by doing something fun. There aren't any. Everyone likes to get out and do something entertaining. Whether it's going to an amusement park or sitting back watching a movie, there are some fun outings and activities that you can do as a group.

Bible Studies

While regular services help to feed Christians,  Phim offers Bible study  to help Christian teens to grow in their faith and become more knowledgeable about the things they believe. However, there is a lot of planning required to run a long lasting Bible study. It starts with effective planning and involves choosing topics, activities, and even the right Bible for your group.


No youth group is complete without good leadership. While many leaders feel called to youth leadership, it takes work to be an effective youth leader. Youth workers make an investment in discipling students and taking time to support Christian teens in their development and growth.

If you are out there and you can stand with the youth you can Contact us God Bless you