Prayer House Family (PHF)

Where Prayers Ascend to God

We Believe

Prayer House International Ministries (PHIM) is a right, bright, Vibrant, Prosperous, Energetic, Healing and powerful place where God changes lives with a powerful message of faith, love and hope.

Teaching and training in the church focuses on four major areas in people�s in order to foster personal growth and development in those areas and as a result strengthen and build the community of the church.

  • We believe in a relevant church and even more relevant God.
  • We believe in connecting people to God and to teach others.


To expand the kingdom of God, the love of God and the care of God to his people, regardless of sex, race, ethnic background or any boundary.

To demonstrate the love of God among the believing Christians non-believers.

To strengthen the body of Christ (the Church) and equip saints for spiritual warfare.

To conduct crusades in rural areas of Uganda, and open air meetings in the urban centers.

To increase access of the work of God among the local populace, through the outreach ministry.

To conduct Hospital and Prison visits.

To conduct conferences, seminars, as means of strengthening, encouraging and offering hope in hopeless situations.

To establish schools and sponsor children education, and vocational training.

To establish free AIDS/HIV counseling centers-seminars to educate the local people about the spread, prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS victims.

To organize training for AIDS/HIV counselors and Home Care Facilitators (HCFs)

To establish self-help projects among the local communities to promote their home income and family sustenance.