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PHF Nurse Partnership (PHF-NP)

Prayer House Family (PHF) introduces a Health department called PHF Nurse Partnership (PHF-NP) which is a joint Department of Health/Department for Children, Schools and Families project that is testing a model of intensive, nurse-led home visiting for vulnerable, first time, young parents. PHF-NP nurses visit parents from early pregnancy until the child is two years old, building a close, supportive relationship with the whole family and guiding mothers to adopt healthier lifestyles, improve their parenting skills, and become self-sufficient. The program is voluntary and has been taken up by 20 per cent of the families that are next to us

Children who live in poverty are exposed to dangers everyday. Illnesses like tuberculosis and malaria that have almost disappeared in the developed world, thrive in impoverished communities.

  • Contaminated water exposes poor children to parasites and potentially deadly diseases and acute digestive issues.
  • Choking air pollution contributes to the spread of respiratory illness and skin infections.
  • Poor sanitation practices and insufficient hygiene perpetuate an unhealthy cycle.
  • And narrow, rocky streets, low-strung electrical lines, exposed trash and treacherous hillsides threaten children daily.

Healthy children have a better chance of overcoming poverty and succeeding in life

Prayer House Family (PHF)  Health program focuses on people's health by providing:

  • Routine checkups
  • Follow-up care for illnesses and injuries
  • Medications
  • Dental checkups and curative treatments
  • Anti-parasite treatments
  • Malnutrition screening and treatment
  • Hygiene education

And through our Emergency Medical Funds are not okay, Prayer House Family (PHF) assists many sick, diseased or injured children each year who have more serious medical conditions.