Prayer House Family (PHF)

Where Prayers Ascend to God

Future Plan

Prayer House Family (PHF)  is planted on a small plot of land located in Mukono area, it is not yet bought. We need to increase our borders, fortunately the neighbors surrounding this plot are willing to sell, however it requires a lot of money to buy and to process the land title from the ministry of lands. All our future plans, construction of permanent buildings depends on this land being secured first.

Community Projects

One project, many lives changed

Often the best way to impact a poor child's life is to better their entire community. Generous donations enable life-changing projects to take root. These poverty relief projects make real and tangible improvements in the lives of sponsored children and their community.

Community improvement projects include:

  • Clean water sources: Central tube wells are a dependable, time-saving and safe way for families to meet their daily needs.
  • Medical and dental clinics: Impoverished families can have a place to turn when they are sick or injured.
  • Micro-enterprise support: Start-up funds may be all an ambitious person needs to get a sustaining home business off the ground.

        Community centers: These central buildings provide a location for people to learn, connect and belong. We intend to build a community center where local people will be converging for a 'Time out' it will have a Bible library as well; it will be a it will have a Bible library as well; it will be a Hall for larger gathering to.

Here we need games because 70% of populations in our town are youth. So to keep them from having to drugs, prostitution and other behaiviours, we need to give them what can make them busy like sports. Football Netball, Pool Table, Baseball, Chase etc

Phf Medical center

After securing the land for the work of God we intend to build a modern medical center to treat the children against malaria, and other preventable and curerable deadly diseases among the local population. Though we have been meeting them with our Nurse

At this center, free HIV/AIDS counseling will be carried out on a weekly basis, awareness in preventative measures will be the core in the HIV/AIDS unit.

The unit will train and instruct Health care facilitators (HCFs), and it will be their HQs. Doctors, Nurses and other health workers will be employed to run the center to save life and for the glory of God.

So far we have a trained Registered Nurse who is also a member that is treating our people on lower fee


At the moment  Three schools are associated with this ministry and teach children we (PHF) take there, but we intend to build schools that will help the community.

We intend to get Children sponsored in this project, we want you to join us, help in funding child education in Phf. It is a life changing project!Send your email